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Gaur Green Avenue is one of the prime condominium of Indirapuram. It is our cozy abode, strategically located near Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad city. As the present socioeconomic situation is, many of our inmates and their well wishers while staying abroad are generally keen to know about their residential society. To keep them updated about salient activities of GGA and the things going on there in, the GGRWA humbly dedicates this website to all those who are concerned and interested in the welfare of the society. This is an updated version of our existing website. We as an integrated community of residents would be happy to receive your suggestions for better civic environment in the GGA.






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Welcome to Gaur Green Avenue

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Indirapuram is a recently developed area of Ghaziabad and is the prime residential area and one of most preferred locality in NCR due to its proximity with both Delhi and Noida. It is located on NH-24 in Ghaziabad district of state Uttar Pradesh in India. Moti Lal Vora, Governor of Uttar Pradesh at that time, laid the foundation stone of Indirapuram years ago. This became famous as "Kaala Patthar" because of being built with Granite and is now a well-known landmark in Indirapuram. The area is divided into many khands like Abhay khand, Nyay khand, Gyan khand, Niti khand, Vaibhav khand, Shakti Khand and Ahinsa Khand.


Gaur Green Avenue scores over other Indirapuram properties on various accounts. Many of us decided on this property because of its location - right at the border, easy accessibility to Central, East and South Delhi, Noida and right at the bank of Hindon river.  In winters of 2007, 50+ residents met on a Sunday morning and decided to form an RWA and subsequently register it.


The GGARWA is now a Registered Society under Societies registration Act 1860.

RWA expresses its deep sense of gratitude to our residents for the co-operation and support which gives us strength to perform better towards further improvement and excellence. We hope that such cooperation will always be forthcoming to perform still better.

Let us join hands to make a harmonious and vibrant society.


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Mandatory Requirements to be fulfilled by the apartment owners and the tenants

  •  Every apartment owner, compulsorily have to get him self enrolled as the member of the GGARWA by depositing the prescribed fee of Rs. 1000 (Rs one thousand only) as per U.P.Apartment Act 2010.It is mandatory.
  • Submit a simple intimation about the leasing out the apartment in the office indicating the particulars of the proposed tenant and the concerned broker if any, engaged to facilitate the deal.
  • Submit the copy of the lease agreement/authority letter / sale deed in the maintenance office.
  • Submit Tenants police verification on the prescribed form with all the columns duly filled.
  • Shifting/entrance charges of Rs 2000.00 only to be paid in advance to GGARWA per Bank draft/ crossed cheque payable in NCR and Delhi.
  • While vacating the house/campus a no dues clearance should be obtained fro the maintenance office and the apartment owner.
  • Non Compliance of these mandatory factors will result for the trucks/goods carriers  not to be  allowed to enter or exit the campus.
  • No entry or exit is allowed before 6.30 A.M. or after 8.30 P.M. for goods careers.
  • No Commercial activities or running the guest houses is permitted in the residential complex.
  • Running of P.G.will amount to renting out the premises and each Paying guest will be treated as individual tenant.
  • The residents are free to take services of any press wala/car washer or a service provider, provided they have proper entry passes. The monopoly of any service provider is prohibited.


Rule 5.(7) of the U.P.Apartment Act 2010 provides that The Association of Apartment Owners shall have the irrevocable right, to be exercised by the Board or Manager to have access to each apartment from time to time during reasonable hours for the maintenance, repairs or replacement of any of the common areas or facilities therein, or accessible therefrom, or for making emergency repairs therein necessary to prevent damage to the common areas and facilities or to any other apartment or apartments.Rule 6(1) of this Act also clarifies the obligation of Apartment Owners Regarding maintenance and repair /construction as below: Each apartment owner shall comply strictly with the bye-laws and with the covenants, conditions and restrictions set forth in the Deed of Apartment, and failure to comply with any of them shall be a ground for action to recover sums due for damages, or for injunctive relief, or both, by the Manager or Board on behalf of the Association of Apartment Owners or in a proper case, by an aggrieved apartment owner.


Guidelines for recharging of the meters

  • Minimum amount for  recharging  the meters is Rs 2500.00  and maximum Rs 7500.00 for each token.
  • The payment should be made per crossed cheques/Bank Drafts payable to GGARWA in Delhi and NCR.
  • In case a cheque is dishonored  or bounced by the payee bank, only a crossed bank draft  payable to GGARWA along with a sum of Rs 300.00 as bank/administrative expenses will be accepted.
  • In case of defaults for more than a month in the payment of maintenance charges, an interest @ 18% per annum will be charged on the dues accrued with effect from the date of each default.
  • In case the secure meter gets damaged, these will be replaced at the cost of the apartment owner, without which the recharging of the meters will not be done.




Do’s and Don’ts


  • The security is for the safety and the security of the residents and condominium. Please cooperate with them and do not demoralize them.
  • Park your vehicle only in the parking allotted to you.
  • Always put proper and authorized car/vehicle sticker on the vehicle.
  • Ensure verification of tenants, aides, domestic help, drivers as per guidelines of the administration and police.
  • Follow left drive only; it will ensure safety not only to the kids, children and passersby but also would be safe for the vehicle too.
  • Put the garbage only in dustbins and garbage shoots. Garbage be kept in the packets and not loose while dropping it in the garbage shaft.
  • Close the doors of the garbage shaft immediately after use.
  • Keep corridors clear of cycles, motor cycles etc or cars.
  • Use dustbins and avoid spoilage in the campus.
  • Keep the speed limit of 5Km/hr while driving in the campus.
  • Inform security guard and security gate/maintenance office, if any thing untoward or damage/breakdown is noticed.
  • Use dustbins to drop empty bottles, used packets, papers and refuse.
  • Keep and cooperate to keep the campus clean




  • No smoking in the lawns, corridors and lifts.
  • Do not keep plants,/pots/ Gamlas or any thing on the balcony ledges and grills.
  • No hanging of clothes, blankets etc from the railings of the balconies.
  • Do not play football, cricket or practice cycling in the lawns.
  • Do not pluck flowers and leaves from the lawns/garden.
  • Do not park along the drive ways.
  • Do not throw any thing , even water/cigarette butts, papers from the balconies. It may be fatal and hazardous to any one walking around and  to the residents of the first floor. It may also cause severe damages to the structures,
  • No pets in the lawns and defecation by them within the campus,
  • Do not carry pets in the lifts.
  • No parking along the drive ways.
  • No parking of residents’ cars in the visitors’ parking.
  • No scribbling in the lifts or the walls of the corridors.
  • Chewing gutkha, pan masala, or such things and spitting in the lifts or in the common area is prohibited.
  • No garbage leaving in the shaft enclosures.
  • No building material or the garbage be kept in the common area.
  • No construction/repair by outsiders allowed after 8:30 PM.
  • No construction/modification in civil structure is allowed without proper consent of the neighbors(upper and down below as well) and proper authorization.
  • No entry to property agents/brokers without authorization by the flat owner.




Interpersonal Relationship

Cordial relations amongst neighbors is absolutely vital for peaceful and harmonious living in the complex. Disharmony caused due to trivial issues has to be settled in a mutual give and take spirit.


Residents are expected to ensure that their pets do not cause any injury or be a source of nuisance to other residents. Dog lovers are to note that their pet dogs are not allowed in parks and green areas. They must always be taken on a leash. Residents would ensure that their pets do not defecate in the common areas and cleaning of defecation will be the responsibility of the pet owners. Housekeeping personnel will not entertain any such request. Stray gods and monkeys are not be fed in the complex.

Flower Pots
It has been seen that some of the first floor and second floor residents are keeping flower pots on the balcony wall which is totally unsafe. Since these pots are likely to fall down and injure/endanger the lives of other residents and even fall on the parked vehicles below.No body should keep any flower pot, or any thing either hanging or on the railings of the balconies.


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Various Forms

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It is to inform that all apartment owners that the next GBM of the GGARWA and the elections for the new Executive are expected to be held on during may, 2014
By RWA Webmaster on 28 April 2014
The Annual General Body Meeting of the Gaur Green Avenue Resident Welfare Association is convened at 11.00 A.M. on May 11, 2014 at the community hall of the Gaur Green Avenue.
By RWA Webmaster on 28 April 2014
(Regarding Domestic Helps In GGA) Dated 4.4.2014 Domestic help in the GGA campus is becoming a serious issue.  To resolve the related aspects enthusiastic ladies of GGA have explored and studied the status of the wages of maids prevelent in other societies/residential area in the vicinity of GGA.  Accordingly normal wages of...
By RWA Webmaster on 28 April 2014
The kins of some of the  apartment owners have taken membership against the respective apartment. As per U.P. Apartment Act, the Apartment  owner alone(the first holder in case of the joint property)can be member of the Association of Apartment owners(which is Gaur Green Avenue Resident welfare association for our society).The...
By RWA Webmaster on 28 April 2014
Friends Further to the earlier notice it has been observed that the names of the residents of Gaure Green Avenue are also there in the voter lists part 427 and 445 also in addition to the Voter list part 444. The copies of the referred lists are available at the...
By RWA Webmaster on 09 April 2014
Domestic help in the GGA campus is becoming a serious issue.  To resolve the related aspects enthusiastic ladies of GGA have explored and studied the status of the wages of maids prevelent in other societies/residential area in the vicinity of GGA.  Accordingly normal wages of maids have been worked out...
By RWA Webmaster on 05 April 2014
  A. Housekeeping (Cleaning &General Maintenance) and Waste-Management Working Days     -    7 Days a Week(7X24) Coverage: Keeping the housing complex; (starting from outside car parking area till inside the campus) hygienically neat and clean. This includes Common area of the complex i.e. Estate compound and the  Staircases, Car Parks,...
By RWA Webmaster on 12 January 2012
  The Last date For Offers For The facility Management Services In Gaur Green Avenue As Notified in 2-1-2012 Has Been Extended Till 2:00 PM Of January 22 ,2012. The Offer will be opened the same day at 4:00 PM in the office Of GGARWA.For Indicative scope of work kindly contact the...
By RWA Webmaster on 12 January 2012
  Offers in sealed covers taking up the facility management services in the residential complex-the Gaur Green Avenue, Abhay Khand II Indirapuram Ghaziabad are invited for primarily following services. House keeping Maintenance and repairs and miscellaneous services Security services   The interested companies/firms/the groups having experience in similar activities are requested to submit their offers in...
By RWA Webmaster on 02 January 2012
  In view of the recurring problems and complications being brought to the notice of the GGARWA by the tenants and the apartment owners both, as well as recurring queries from various enforcement authorities including district administration it has been decided that every apartment owner must submit...
By RWA Webmaster on 26 December 2011
  Republic Day Celebration 10:00 AM Flag Hosting 10:00 AM---10:10 AM Address By President 10:10 AM – 11:00 AM Cultural Prog...
Here's wishing you all the joys of the season. Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

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